News Archives: February 2018

The federal government should stop threatening our right to cut down on car pollution

The federal government is threatening to weaken national clean car standards for passenger cars and trucks. These standards, adopted in 2012, were inspired by California’s leadership and aligned national fuel-economy and greenhouse gas rules with California’s health-protective emissions rules. Even the automakers saw this as an historic agreement to unite the nation under one set of protective standards. Now, not only are those standards at risk, leadership at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has even questioned the need for California’s authority to set its own clean car standards — standards that 12 other states plus the District of Columbia follow.

/ 02.12.2018

Put a charge in California’s electric vehicle program

Gov. Jerry Brown’s big, bold $2.5 billion executive order committing the state to a goal of 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030 expands a program that was already far and away the most ambitious in the United States. The potential benefits are great and deserve the support of Californians, including Brown’s potential successors. Transportation remains the largest source of greenhouse gases in California, accounting for just under 40 percent of the total. But achieving the targets won’t be easy, and the governor has less than a year in office to cement them into place.

/ 02.01.2018