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‘Little’ errors add up: What an electric vehicles study gets right, and what it gets wrong

A new study by consulting firm Arthur D. Little (ADL) claims that the benefits of electric cars, both environmental and economic, are lower than others, including UCS, have shown. However, the differences are largely due to questionable assumptions about battery replacements and the use of electric vehicles as a gasoline car replacement.

/ 12.21.2016

Time to hit the accelerator to ensure electric vehicle policies are expanded

The remarkable growth of California’s electric car market in such a short period is far from happenstance. It is the direct result of a strong commitment to a clean vehicle future on the part of the governor, the California Air Resources Board, the Legislature, air quality districts and, increasingly, city leadership. This commitment stems from the knowledge that California’s reliance on gas-powered vehicles has diminished our quality of life, creating pollutants that harm our health and environment.

/ 12.15.2016

Automakers Hope Consumers Pick From Growing EV Field

“I have seen a strategic change with auto manufacturers to embrace the new vehicles in a way that suggests to me that there is no turning back,” Sandra Berg, vice chair of California’s Air Resources Board, tells WardsAuto at the recent Los Angeles auto show. “They are committed.”

Los Angeles was an ideal backdrop for showing off green vehicles. California’s strict zero-emissions-vehicle mandate requires a sharp reduction of greenhouse gases. To help achieve this, California requires large- and medium-volume automakers to bring a certain number of ZEVs to the state.

/ 12.09.2016

The California Air Resources Board welcomes U.S. EPA Proposed Determination on GHG emission standards for model years 2022-25

“This action provides solid support for continuation of the single national program to produce a new generation of clean vehicles to address the air quality challenges facing California and other states,” said CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “The Proposed Determination is fully supported by the extensive technical assessment and provides the auto industry ample lead time and assurance towards the type of innovation and investments needed to meet the 2025 greenhouse gas standards in California and elsewhere in the United States.”

/ 12.01.2016

EPA: Gas-mileage rules should stay

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday it has determined that automakers can meet fuel economy and emissions standards currently in place through 2025 even though they will get stricter in the coming years and the industry mounted a major lobbying effort aimed at relaxing those standards.

/ 12.01.2016