News Archives: October 2016

California’s electric-car rebates jump for lower-income buyers and vanish for more high earners

In an effort to boost the sale of low-emissions vehicles, California is again tweaking its rebate program for buyers of all-electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell cars.

/ 10.31.2016

It’s Not Just Clean Air: Electric Cars Can Save the US Billions

It’s hard to get a handle on the ugly, smoggy implications of this nation’s dependence on fossil fuel-burning cars. Deaths from pollution and climate change tend to pile up slowly, in asthma attacks, flood fatalities, and respiratory illnesses.

/ 10.27.2016

Will California drivers get in electric cars to save $13.5 billion?

Driving gasoline cars is costing California $15 billion a year in health expenses and impacts to the environment, but the state has a chance to reduce the effects of air pollution through its zero emission program, the American Lung Association says.

/ 10.26.2016

California ARB boss hints at stricter zero-emission vehicle rules as automakers are stockpiling credits

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working on updating the program and the automotive industry is on the edge of its seat to learn the impact it will have on the Californian auto market, which is the most important in the US.

/ 10.19.2016

California Sticking By Zero-Emissions-Vehicle Goals

With California well on its way to meeting its pollution-reduction goals, don’t expect any weakening of the state’s strict zero-emissions-vehicle policy, the chairperson of the State’s Air Resources Board says.

/ 10.18.2016

Sales of electric vehicles in Europe double: Research

Europe will soon have over 500,000 electric vehicles on its roads, according to a new report from non-governmental organization Transport & Environment (T&E).

/ 10.13.2016

What’s Driving The Move To Electric Vehicles?

Tesla may be the catalyst driving electric cars. But just about every car maker in the world is developing either an all-electric car or a hybrid vehicle that runs on both electricity and petroleum.

/ 10.13.2016

The electric car market is growing 10 times faster than its dirty gasoline equivalent

Despite low oil prices, plug-in electric vehicles (EV) are charging forward worldwide, with more than 2 million expected to be on the roads by the end of 2016.

/ 10.13.2016