Clean car standards are under attack, threatening public health, the economy and the rights of states.

We are facing an unprecedented assault on the Clean Air Act, as the Trump Administration looks to revoke the rights of states to protect their citizens from harmful vehicle pollution.


Your voice is needed. Tell the government to stop the assault.

On behalf of all Americans, we call on you to stand up against this outrageous assault on public health and families who cannot afford to pay more at the pump. Submit a comment to Trump’s EPA today and demand that our government stop these attacks and maintain strong vehicle pollution standards and protect the rights of states.

With four easy steps – you can let the EPA know: hands off our clean car standards.

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Who Supports cleaner cars?

If you add all of the states who have either joined litigation to protect the standards or vowed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, they represent 49 percent of U.S. vehicles. If you add new vehicles from cities voicing opposition to the rollback (outside the states already counted) that means all these climate-protecting states and cities amount to more than half (55 percent) of the U.S. auto market.


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In The News

Colorado adopts California emissions standards

Associated Press / 11.19.2018

California Has a Posse in Tug-of-War With Trump Over Electric Cars

Bloomberg NewsThis is what environmental diplomacy looks like under President Donald Trump, with powerful state-level regulators, local political leaders, and activists quietly conferring over how to counteract the federal attempt to roll back carbon dioxide limits on cars and trucks. If California has emerged as the unofficial leader of the environmental opposition, with an alternative vision for requiring increased sales of electric vehicles, then the 73-year-old Nichols is the de facto field commander. / 10.29.2018

Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra and CARB Chair Nichols Lead National Coalition Demanding Trump Administration Withdraw Proposal to Eliminate Nation’s Clean Car Standards

California Air Resources Board / 10.29.2018

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